• Have you been a yo-yo dieter most of your life?
  • ​Do you feel shame when you look in the mirror?
  • ​Have you found yourself using food as a reward? 
  • Do you feel like you've tried everything to lose weight?
  • Do you feel shame around your body and the food that you eat?
  • Have you ever fed your feelings with food and then experienced guilt, shame and self-judgement?
  • Are you frustrated with yourself for not being able to FIGURE IT THE EFF OUT?

Growing up I never felt good enough. I looked at all the beautiful girls around me and all I could think was how much better they were than me. They had better hair, they were taller, they were thinner. 


Because I didn't feel beautiful, I didn't feel worthy.


CUT TO: College. My diet consisted of Taco Bell, Wendy's and bad cafeteria campus food. I easily put on the dreaded freshman 20 pounds. The shame continued.


Food was comfort. Food was reward. Food soothed stress, depression, helped me overcome breakups, and cured hangovers.


When I was 21 years old, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Everything changed. Nothing else mattered but helping her. Doctors, pills, chemo, radiation, surgery. Nothing worked and I watched her lose her hair, her zest for life and vitality right before my eyes. When she passed away less than a year after being diagnosed I realized there HAD to be a better way to HEAL THE BODY and I went on a mission to find out what it was.


I moved to California and embarked on a learning journey and I started meeting people with incredible stories to share. People who had healed auto-immune conditions, chronic pain, lost hundreds of pounds and even reversed Stage 4 cancer!


​They were drinking green juice, drinking smoothies, eating a plant-based diet. They were taking herbs, vitamins, supplements - things I had never heard of before! They were practicing alternative medicine like Accupuncture, colonics, infrared saunas, and more!


My mind was blown. I learned that the body was designed to heal itself if given the tools that it needs to do so!


I started to experiment on myself. I did a 5-day juice cleanse and immediately lost 5 pounds. I was hooked! I started eating more plants. Started choosing organic. Starting working out. My energy levels skyrocketed and I felt better than ever.


Then more shocking news: My father was diagnosed with cancer.


​I flew directly home. I told my father I would save him. I told him about all the people I had met who had healed themselves of chronic, degenerative diseases INCLUDING CANCER by changing their diets, alkalizing their bodies and choosing diet over drugs and meditation over medication.


But my dad did not believe what I believed.  My dad wanted to drink, smoke, eat what he wanted and live his life his way. The hardest thing I ever had to do was accept my fathers decision to die.


A few short months after his diagnosis, my father passed away. And by the time I was 25 years old I had lost both my parents to cancer.


These losses fueled my passion more than ever. "I will never get cancer!" I declared.


I threw myself into the wellness lifestyle- I was eating better, exercising more and feeling better. But there is one thing I couldn't shake.


I was in a deep depression.


So no matter how hard I exercised or how well I ate, there was still a part of me that was miserable and self-loathing. Because even though I had made every effort to be physically well, I had no idea how to be emotionally well.


​I still felt like the girl in high school - looking around at all the beautiful people and not feeling like "enough."


​I hadn't grieved the loss of my parents. I hadn't forgiven myself for not saving them. I hadn't forgiven them for the perception that they "left" me behind. I felt alone, sad, fat, ugly, and not good enough.


And the diet and exercise and alternative medicine only got me so far on my wellness journey.


When I looked in the mirror, I told myself I wasn't good enough. I wasn't pretty enough. I wasn't lovable enough.


My diet was cleaner than ever but I was still overeating when I felt sad. I was still eating sugar to soothe my depression. It was a vicious cycle of going from green juice in the morning to chocolate cake at night,  judging myself, hating myself sometimes, promising to do better tomorrow. And then starting all over again. And repeating the cycle.


​It wasn't until I discovered the tools to heal myself emotionally and spiritually that EVERYTHING CHANGED.


I finally lost the last effing ten pounds.


I finally stopped comforting myself with food.


I finally stopped abusing my body with sugar.


I finally became confident in the woman that I am and today in my late 30's I can truly say I LOVE HOW I LOOK!


And because this transformation was so RADICAL for me, I want to share those tools with you.


And that is what the course, FOOD FREEDOM is all about.


In order to heal from body shame, food shame and create a body we are proud of we must have the healing tools in our Emotional Healing Toolbox that we can call on at any time!


And Im going to give you all the tools that work for me that I still practice to this day. These are the tools that work when diet and exercise doesn't!


With these tools in your Emotional Healing Toolbox you will become UNSTOPPABLE in the pursuit of your DREAM BODY. And when I say DREAM BODY, I don't mean 6-pack abs or anything like that. I mean the body that you feel amazing in ALL OF THE TIME. I will teach you to love yourself, love your life and feel confident in your own skin FOR GOOD!


  • The Most Effective Healing Tools For Your Emotional Healing Toolbox
  • EXACT Step-By-Step Process For When Diet & Exercise Don't Work
  • A Process For Identifying, Shifting & Changing your Core MisBeliefs Around Your Body
  • How to Integrate Trust, Ease and Self-Love into Your Daily Practice
  • How to Stop Over-eating, Stress-eating and Emotional Eating for Good
  • ​The Exact Healing Meditations, Tools and Processes I USED to LOVE MYSELF and LOVE MY BODY!

Through classes, practices and meditations,

FOOD FREEDOM will take you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey.

  • CLASS: Radical Goal Setting Manifestation Formula For Success

  • CLASS: Become Mindful of Your Food-Related Emotional Habits

  • CLASS: Change Happens When The Pain Happens: Turning Trauma into Triumph Pain into Purpose

  • PRACTICE: Cultivating a Powerful Self-Forgiveness Process

  • CLASS: How to Track Your Emotions Through Food Journaling

  • CLASS: How to Discover the Perfect Diet For Your Body 

  • MEDITATION: Heal the Wounds of Your Past to Cultivate Self-Love in Your Future

  • CLASS: Drop The Body Shame For Good

  • PRACTICE: Write and Burn: The Powerful Process of Uncovering Unlocked Emotions

  • MEDITATION: Create a Loving Relationship with Your Body at Any Size

  • CLASS: Alternative Medicine Health Hacks to Incorporate Into Your Weekly Routine

  • CLASS: How to Manifest Your Desires From a Place of Joy (Not Fear)

  • MEDITATION: Your Body Can Heal Itself

  • CLASS: How To Eat: Practicing Grace & Self-Love with Every Meal

  • CLASS: Mood Boosting Foods: What to Incorporate Into Your Diet For Ultimate Health and Wellness

  • CLASS: Must-Have Supplements For Your Gut and Brain Health

  • CLASS: How to Set Yourself Up For Success Moving Forward on Your Healing Journey

  • MEDITATION: Be the Love That You Seek

  • CLASS: Recommended Resources to Continue Creating a Spiritually Aligned Relationship to Food

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